Here's How Greeks REALLY Feel About The Germans

angela merkel

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As we mentioned earlier, the internet is going nuts over a new poll from Pew showing that everyone in Europe thinks the Germans are the most hard working people in Europe. The one exception: Greeks think Greeks are the hardest working people in Europe.It seems to be a startling insight into how people view themselves.

But if you want to see how Greeks really feel about Germans, you have to check out this survey from VPRC, which we found via Mark Dow.

Let’s put it this way: When Greeks are asked to do a word association with Germany, words like “Hitler” and “The Third Reich” are high on the list.

The words associated with Germans are just terrible

Nobody likes Germany

Everyone thinks that Germany is hostile

Opinions of Angela Merkel are overwhelmingly negative

The idea of reparations from Germany is overwhelmingly popular

The assumption is that Germany is trying to dominate Europe

Lots of people see Germany establishing a 4th Reich

Again, the idea of reparations is popular

Greeks think they should be paid back for the war

Greeks think that German economic success is the result of subterfuge

When it comes to just the German people, the attitudes are a little less negative

And now for the stakes of this dislike.

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