New dad Mark Zuckerberg posted about his return to work this week -- here's how Facebook responded

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg headed back to work on Monday after taking two months of paternity leave, and he turned to Facebook to solicit some advice.

While the new dad was making a joke about his monochromatic uniform, he also started a discussion among his 48.5 million friends and followers about parental leave and what it’s like to return to work after the birth of a child.

Here’s what some people had to say (comments have been edited for clarity):

'Thank you for taking paternity leave. It models the importance of the work of parenting for your daughter, and for your employees, and men in other fields and parts of the country who might not take advantage of it. And please help push for paid family leave as a guarantee for US works, and paid sick leave for workers who don't already have it!'

-- Renee Cramer

'I remember my first day back at work after maternity leave. I was tearful and missing my baby all day!'

-- Aana Sheheryar Husain

'Skip the tees -- let's see your suits so you have something appropriate to wear for when you speak before congress to lobby for all workers to get paid paternity and maternity leave like you had. I'm so glad you got to take off time, but your ability to do so in this country is almost unprecedented. Pay it forward, even beyond your charitable work that was inspired by your daughter's birth. Let her birth also inspire you to work hard so every family can have this small but critical luxury that you had that other countries regard as rights and not luxuries at all.'

-- Mia Lytton Levy

'It won't matter what you wear because all you'll be able to think about is your precious baby girl while you're at work. Good luck at your first day back at work -- hopefully you won't be too sad. That's going to be a toughie. I feel for you.'

-- Monika Schmitt Clinch

'Good luck at work. Glad you enjoyed your time off with your family. Back to the grind in making a difference in humanity. It's tough going back to work after having a baby. I had three. It does get easier. Have a good day at work Mark.'

-- Lisa M Dionne

'While everyone tried to help out with what to wear I was Intrigued that you had paternity leave. That's great! It's not only not only good your baby got to bond with her mother during the early months, but also with daddy. More business places should adopt that policy. I say paternity leave for all men.'

-- Patricia Ifill

'Just wear the grey shirt and hang one off your back pocket. She's just gonna drool, spit up, or ooze poop on you anyway! Better to be prepared! Your job as a Dad is never done, even if your back at work. Have a blast!'

-- Terie Anderson

'Pick something without baby burp-up stains. I have to spot-check my shirt every morning before I walk out the door. Though I doubt any coworkers would care if they weren't. It's nice having a family-friendly employer here in Vermont! Thanks for walking the talk, Mark, and showing the world what it means to be a CEO who takes time to be a Dad.'

-- Benjamin T. Riseman

'Thank you for setting an excellent example by taking paternity leave to be with your sweet baby girl. It's the best gift you could have given her and your wife.'

-- Karen Kieltyka Brown

'It's wonderful of you to take paternity leave. You should use your status and influence to advocate for all dads to also be able to take that kind of leave. It's so healthy for the family as a whole. Or for mums to have longer maternity leaves … don't even get me started on that! Please let us know if it was as hard to walk out the door today as it is for working mums who go back to work. I cried my first few days back at work from guilt.'

-- Joanna Palmer

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