5 things working mums say they want from their employers

Mum working from homeShutterstockThis mummy manifesto can help companies keep some of their best employees satisfied.

Working mums are an important asset to any company — in fact, research suggests that mothers are generally more productive than childless women.

But being a working mum is not without its hurdles, and women are more likely to be loyal to employers who have empathy and respect for their responsibilities at home.

To find out what kind of support mums want at work, Business Insider turned to online job review site Fairygodboss, who have a direct pipeline into the candid experiences of thousands of women in the workplace.

“Working mums in our community are loud and clear about what makes them happy at work,” Fairygodboss CEO and cofounder Georgene Huang tells Business Insider.

Here are five things working mums tell Fairygodboss that employers can do to make life better for them at work:

Offer as much paid maternity leave as possible

Based on 1,605 Fairygodboss user reviews where user reported taking paid maternity leave at their employer.

Fairygodboss data show that women report higher job satisfaction when they take longer maternity leave, and the longer the paid maternity leave, the happier they are at their employer.

'In the six years I have worked here, I have seen some truly amazing things. For example, paid maternity leave is paid at 100% of the employee's salary, is not held against them, and was recently extended from 12 weeks to 17 weeks.' -- employee review from Fairygodboss user Lady AraCatastrofee, a global regulatory affairs employee at Johnson & Johnson

Make sure you have family-friendly values

Based on 391 Fairygodboss user reviews where user observed an employer being 'family-friendly' (or 'not family-friendly') without being asked specifically this question.

Fairygodboss data show that women reviewing their employers make a point to specifically talk about whether their companies are family friendly or not.

'In other words, mums notice and care a lot about the fact that you don't blink an eye if they have to stay home to take care of a sick child,' Huang says.

'I have been with ADP for 13 years and I have two children … ADP has allowed me to provide for my family financially, and I have not ever missed anything for my children ... which makes me run through brick walls for ADP.' -- employee review from Fairygodboss user Lady Boss, a vice president of major accounts at ADP

Respect time outside of work

Based on 684 Fairygodboss user reviews where user observed an employer being good or bad for 'work-life balance' without being asked specifically this question.

'Work-life balance is still a struggle,' Huang says, noting that job satisfaction is directly related to whether working mums think companies respect their personal time outside the office.

'In general, work-life balance is good at New Balance. New Balance is very respectful of the fact that employees (both men and women) have a life outside of work. There is virtually no pressure to work longer hours on a regular basis. Using all your vacation/paid time off as needed is also perfectly OK.' -- employee review from Fairygodboss user Lady Anon760, who works at New Balance

Provide flexible work arrangements

Results based on the question: How important were each of the following reasons for selecting your most recent job; rated on a scale of 1 (not important) to 7 (extremely important).

'Flexibility matters. A lot,' Huang says. 'After compensation, we found that women job-seekers care about flexibility more than any other factor. For parents, and new ones in particular, this is especially important.'

'I find it a wonderful place to be a working mother because the firm offers a great deal of flexibility of scheduling and hours to accommodate outside responsibilities. Work from home arrangements, flex time, and reduced hours are commonplace.' -- employee review from Fairygodboss user Lady Lawya, who works at Ropes & Grey LLP

Provide a clean, private place and time for breastfeeding mums

Data sourced from Fairygodboss's internal survey fielded among working women from August 5th -- November 13th of 2015. Q12. Have you pumped breast milk at your place of work? Total Mums (n=151) Q13. Did you/do you feel the lactation facilities were adequate? Mums who pumped breastmilk at work (n=86) Q14. Did your company and/or managers accommodate your schedule to allow you to pump? Mums who pumped breastmilk at work (n=86)

Almost half of the working mums Fairygodboss surveyed say that their lactation facilities are inadequate, and another quarter report their managers or employers don't accommodate their schedule to permit pumping (which is illegal, by the way).

'This place is also very pro-pumping -- they provide secure, private places all over campus to pump breast milk in private. They are very accommodating to the needs of new mothers too, such as providing a mini fridge in your office to store breastmilk, or allowing new mums to ease in back to work after maternity leave. All you need to do is ask. If your department is difficult to work with, ask the on-campus lactation specialist!' -- employee review from Fairygodboss user Lady Anon760, who works at the University of Arizona

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