What does it mean when a man has nail polish on his toes?

I decided recently that I was going to try something new. I wanted to train for a triathlon so I joined a group of guys already training. My stock trading skills were eroding and it was time to focus on the root of the problem. DISCIPLINE! What better way to brush up on my discipline than to have a regimen with a group of individuals who head out every morning  at 5:20 to bike, run or swim. Little did I know that if you’re out of shape, training for a triathlon can be very taxing. Everything was moving along rather smoothly until I encountered our swimming  instructor . He had dark red nail polish on his toes and I had a very difficult time looking, even more, listening to any thing he had to say. What was the reason behind this? My first thought was that he was a swimming instructor by day and by night a transvestite.  I guess what ever floats ur boat right?  

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