What do you think about gig workers' conditions? The Victorian Government wants to know

More restaurants are signing up to delivery services. (Photo by Matthew Horwood, Getty Images)
  • The Victorian Government is calling for submissions about recommendations made in its Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce’s report.
  • Launched in 2018, the Inquiry published a report earlier this year with 20 recommendations to improve gig workers’ conditions for federal and state governments
  • After the consultation closes, the Victorian Government will then prepare its response to submissions and the report.
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After releasing a forward-thinking report examining the the conditions and wages of gig economy workers, the Victorian Government is calling on workers, business and people to weigh in on the way forward.

The state government has invited Victorians to make submissions about the recommendations outlined in its Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce.

Released in July this year, the report made 20 recommendations for both the federal and state governments “aimed at protecting on-demand workers”, according to a government statement.

These included:

  • clarifying whether gig workers are contractors or employees, and ensuring their protections and entitlements reflect that.
  • establishing the Streamlined Support Agency to assist workers to understand their entitlements and to help resolve disputes.
  • creating standards that would establish fair conditions and pay, dispute resolution and worker safety, even for those workers deemed contractors.
  • After being established in 2018, the Inquiry considered almost 100 written submissions, interviews with 200 participations and a survey with 14,000 people about the gig economy.

    Industrial relations minister Tim Pallas said the report was an important contribution to public debate about the country’s labor laws

    “The gig economy is relied upon by millions of consumers and workers across the country, but there are holes when it comes to industrial relations that put workers’ rights to fair pay and conditions at risk,” he said in a statement.

    “This report will help plug the gaps that leave workers in these industries exposed and give workers a fair deal.”

    The inquiry’s findings also provided a snapshot of the state’s gig workers. According to the report, the largest group of workers were young (18-34), work on average 10 hours a week, and are mostly there to earn “extra money”.

    The closing date for submissions on the recommendations is 13 October 2020. After considering the feedback, the Victorian Government will then formally respond to the report’s findings and recommendations.

    Submissions can be made through the inquiry’s website or by contacting the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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