Call me when Dell agrees to hold Bitcoin

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Michael Dell announced this week that his eponymous company will start accepting payment in Bitcoin internationally.

The company will accept digital currency in the US, Canada, and the UK. This makes Dell the largest company to accept Bitcoin internationally.

Here’s what it won’t do, though: put any skin in the game when it comes to bitcoin. From Jonathan Marino’s earlier post:

Just because Dell is taking payment in Bitcoin, it doesn’t mean he’s technically investing in the product. Other companies, including, that also accept virtual currency as payment often immediately swap it for cash, via exchanges like Coinbase, aimed at reducing exposure to a volatile investment product.

Accepting but not holding it means, essentially, that Dell wants people to be able to pay with Bitcoin technology if they want, but isn’t necessarily yet ready to trust Bitcoin as a currency. In other words, Dell is not suggesting you run out and convert all of you dollars into Bitcoin. Which means this isn’t huge news on the digital currency front, yet.

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