What Crisis? Asian Tech Companies Are Ready To Expand And Eat The Competition's Lunch


Despite the recession, Asia’s leading tech companies remain extremely bullish.

Consulting firm Deloitte just released this year’s list of Asia’s fastest growing 500 technology companies and it paints a picture of Asian tech leaders who actually view the global crisis as an opportunity — because it weakened the competition.

They’re hiring, expanding R&D, and growing revenue at ridiculous rates. The top 100 companies just had an average revenue growth rate of 1,153%.

Taiwan led the rankings with 99 out of 500 of the fastest, while China had 97. India came in third with 71. Deloitte’s CEO survey shows what they’re thinking right now, and it’s all pretty optimistic.

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30% of Asian companies have revised their growth targets upwards despite the crisis. Most have been unfazed by the crisis.

Crisis has made customers more willing to try emerging companies.

The crisis actually helped improve one of Asian tech companies' key problems -- staff turnover.

The majority of companies feel the crisis has either been manageable, or even beneficial since it killed off weaker competitors.

Yet here's one place there has been a huge effect -- prices have fallen.

Leading Asian tech companies have had little problem accessing capital.

And many companies have accelerated hiring!

Most are also still pushing forward with research and development.

The biggest challange from the crisis is that people are less willing to take risks. On the list of potential problems companies may face, this isn't that bad.

Still, the crisis is having an effect on closing the sale. Sales cycles have lengthened.

Yet net-net they're still charging ahead...

And growing ridiculously fast, the top 500 had an average revenue growth rate of 361%.

Competitors beware.

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