MAP: What Every Country Leads The World In

A wonderful map created by William Samari, Ray Yamartino, and Rafaan Anvari of DogHouseDiares illustrates what every country does better than every other country.

They collected the information from various sources and sprinkled in some quirkier rankings since many countries led the world in multiple things.

“Myanmar leads the world in ‘Speaking Burmese.’ That’s kind of a silly thing but still true,” Anvari told BI. “UK leads in fascist movements, but that’s all movements in history, not active movements.”

(Some of the categories are hard to read so we published the full list below the map.)

Country Leads World In… Measure
Afghanistan opium total
Algeria middle paleolithic flake tool techniques
Andorra reading rate
Angola speaking umbundu
Antarctica emperor penguins endemic
Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina exporting soccer players
Australia deadly animals and melanoma total and per 100,000 people
Austria mohnflesserl
Azerbaijan software piracy avg per computer
Bangladesh peacekeeping total and per 100,000 people
Belarus wisents
Belgium relaxing %
Belize destroying the ozone per capita
Bhutan farming %
Bolivia brazil nuts total
Bosnia and Herzegovina having land mines total per sq mi
Botswana diamonds
Brazil making coffee total
Bulgaria living the american dream rate
Burkina Faso illiteracy rate
Burundi unsatisfied index
Cambodia long alphabet total
Cameroon killer lakes
Canada maple syrup and asteroid impacts total
Cape Verde
Central African Republic expensive internet total
Chad not wasting electricity per capita
Chile staying married crude divorce rate (per capita)
China co2 emissions and renewable energy total
Colombia rain avg
Congo, Democratic Republic of pygmy chimpanzees endemic
Congo, Republic of saving energy
Costa Rica happiness index
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) malaria deaths per 100,000 people
Cuba baseball total
Czech Republic beer consumption per capita
Denmark education index
Dominican Republic
Ecuador endangering plants total
Egypt africa cup of nations total
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea african cycling
Estonia prevalence of women sex ratio (total)
Ethiopia employing children per cent
Federated States of Micronesia
Finland drinking coffee per capita
France tourism total
Gabon sun-tailed monkeys
Gambia not spending money on military total reserves
Georgia khachapuri
Germany almost winning the world cup total
Greece olive oil consumption per capita
Greenland personal space pop per sq mi
Grenada olympic medals per capita
Honduras homocide rate
Hong Kong high IQ avg
Hungary canoeing total and total
Iceland penetrating the internet per cent
India movies and low prices total
Indonesia volcanoes total
Iran brain drain total
Iraq not safe for journalists total
Ireland quality of life score
Israel r&d % of gdp
Italy UEFA competitions total
Japan robots per 10,000 manufactoring workers
Jordan large falafel balls total
Kazakhstan uranium total
Kenya flowers total
Kuwait highest valued currency exchange rate
Kyrgyzstan walnut forests total
Laos solar energy per capita
Latvia eco-friendly index
Lesotho mortality rate
Libya heat avg
Liechtenstein teachers per capita
Luxembourg generosity per capita
Madagascar lemurs total
Malawi malawisaurus
Malaysia caves total
Mali kulicoro firefinches endemic
Marshall Islands
Mexico getting struck by lightning, cartels and boxing total and total
Moldova alcohol consumption per capita
Mongolia velociraptor bones
Morocco couscous none
Myanmar speaking burmese total
Namibia wealth inequality wealth gini
Nepal not killing themselves per 100,000 people per year
Netherlands tall people avg male and female height
New Zealand sheep and rugby totaland total
Niger making babies births per woman
Nigeria yams total
North Korea censorship index
Norway democracy index
Pacific white shark cafe
Pakistan field hockey total
Palau swimming with jellyfish
Palestinian Territory not having cancer per 100,000 people per year
Panama defenselessness total
Papua New Guinea linguistic diversity index
Paraguay drinking tea per capita
Peru sandboarding
Philippines social media per cent
Poland kielbasa subjective
Portugal graduating high school rate
Puerto Rico
Qatar GDP per capita
Romania download speed
Russia raspberries and nuclear warheads total
Rwanda women in parliament % of seats held
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia oil total reserves
Serbia water polo
Sierra Leone
Singapore science total
Slovakia making cars per capita
Slovenia casinos per 1,000 inhabitants
Solomon Islands
Somalia pirates total
South Africa ostrich total
South Korea workaholics hrs per year per person
South Sudan inflation rate
Spain organ donation rate
Sri Lanka cinnamon
Suriname forests per cent
Sweden atheism total
Switzerland employment rate
Tanzania national parks and wildlife
Thailand rice exports
Togo bad driving road death per 100,000 cars
Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia gun control per capita
Turkey apricots total
Turkmenistan corruption index
Uganda young people median age
Ukraine population control per cent
United Arab Emirates prevalence of men sex ratio (total)
United Kingdom fascist movements total
Uruguay eating beef
USA falling off beds and chairs, getting killed by lawnmowers, nobel laureates and eating hot dogs total
Uzbekistan being double landlocked total
Vatican City
Venezuela miss universe total
Vietnam economic growth index
Western Australia (ocean) deadly shark attacks total
Western Sahara
Yemen gender gap index
Zambia rhodesian giraffe index
Zimbabwe commercial bank prime lending rate total

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