Here's What The Logos Of Disney, Pinterest And Others Look Like In Hebrew

hebrew corporate logos

Photo: Disney (Hebrew version) by Daniela Geigner

What would famous corporate logos look like if they were rendered entirely in Hebrew lettering?There’s a difference between typography and the actual letters used in a logo, and that difference was beautifully illustrated in a recent assignment set by the typographer Oded Ezer in his advanced typography class at the Holon Institute of Technology, Visual Communication Department, in Israel.

He asked students to recast well-known English language logos in Hebrew lettering. The results they came up with are oddly delightful. Some, like IBM, remain familiar. Disney’s, shown here, looks completely foreign.

Hallmark: The crown really helps. A lot of brands (like Apple) are moving toward universal symbols rather than English letters.

This Alice in Wonderland logo shows how important a distinctive typeface can be.

Al Jazeera: Irony! The two logos are extremely similar.

Carmel: Note the mirror symmetry (Hebrew reads from right to left).

IBM: Another distinctive typeface that renders the brand's character even when it's in a foreign alphabet.

Leffe: This is a beer brand.

The New York Times: Yikes.

Pinterest: Worth a pin, probably.

Pokemon: Clearly, the more distinctive your visual identity the more of your brand character shows through when rendered in a different alphabet.

Sega: See what I mean?

Walkman: Another brand that inoculated itself against language barriers with a symbol logo.

This is Oded Ezer, who taught the students who created these designs.

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