Pictures Show How Central Park Has Drastically Changed Since The 1980s

Central Park was a dangerous place in the 1980s.

The park was covered in garbage and graffiti, the meadows were barren dust-bowls, the playground equipment and benches were in decay, and the one-hundred-year-old infrastructure was crumbling.

In fact, many thought it was lawless ruin — and avoided it at all costs.

In efforts to make the park a safe place again, a Central Park Conservancy was formed. In 1980, the Conservancy began to enact a ‘master plan’ that would lead to the gradual reestablishment of the park.

The Central Park Conservancy has since raised over $US700 million toward the restoration of the park, and it will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year.

Aerial view of Central Park, 1980s.

Aerial view of Central Park, present day.

Belvedere Castle, 1980s.

Belvedere Castle, present day.

The Lake, 1980s.

The Lake, present day.

Bank Rock Bay, 1980s.

Bank Rock Bay, present day.

Azalea Pond, 1980s.

Azalea Pond, present day.

Cedar Hill, 1980s.

Cedar Hill, present day.

Bethesda Fountain, 1980s.

Bethesda Fountain, present day.

Bethesda Owl, 1980s.

Bethesda Owl, present day.

Great Hill, 1980s.

Great Hill, present day.

Charles A. Dana Visitor Center, 1980s.

Charles A. Dana Visitor Center, present day.

Conservatory Garden, 1980s.

Conservatory Garden, present day.

The Dairy, 1980s.

The Dairy, present day.

The Cave, 1980s.

The Cave, present day.

Dene, 1980s.

Dene, present day.

East Meadow, 1980s.

East Meadow, present day.

East Green, 1980s.

East Green, present day.

Greywacke Arch, 1980s

Greywacke Arch, present day.

West 72nd Street Entrance, 1980s.

West 72nd Street Entrance, present day.

Hernshead, 1980s.

Hernshead, present day.

Merchant's Gate, 1980s.

Merchant's Gate, present day.

Path surrounding Central Park, 1980s.

Path surrounding Central Park, present day.

Great Lawn, 1980s.

Great Lawn, present day.

Now, see why Central Park is such an amazing place today.

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