Pictures Of 25 Superstars When They Were Kids

Pamela Anderson

Photo: YouTube

Before Hollywood came calling, these celebrities were just ordinary kids. Their permawhite smiles were missing a few teeth and a few had bad haircuts. 

But many are still recognisable. Thanks to dedicated fans who make YouTube montages, we can check out the before and after.

From young Missouri boy Brad Pitt to Jennifer Lopez when she was Jenny from the block, check out what these stars used to look like. 

You won’t believe the transformation in stars like Kate Hudson and Marilyn Manson

Brad Pitt still had his good looks as an elementary school student in Missouri.

Before she was a sultry icon, Angelina Jolie was just a fresh-faced teenager.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born and raised in LA. He began appearing in television commercials not long after this picture was taken.

Kate Hudson came from a Hollywood family before stepping into the limelight herself.

Scarlett Johansson started starring in movies when she was just 12.

Jennifer Lopez grew up in the Bronx and frequently writes songs about her childhood.

Paris Hilton was just a wide-eyed little girl before she became a famous socialite.

Jennifer Aniston had the acting bug as a teenager and starred in many productions at her high school.

Marilyn Manson grew up in Canton, Ohio and went to a Christian school.

Jennifer Garner was raised in West Virginia and says she wasn't allowed to get her ears pierced until she turned 16.

Justin Timberlake sported cowboy gear in this adorable childhood photo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger began weightlifting as a teenager in Austria.

John Travolta was the youngest of six children and grew up in New Jersey.

Kate Moss sports a more natural look in this middle school yearbook photo.

Tom Cruise was an outgoing class clown who grew up with three sisters.

Victoria Beckham actually smiled in photographs when she was a baby. Today, the siren is rarely photographed looking happy.

Kurt Cobain grew up in Washington state and had several relatives who were in bands.

Harrison Ford was a devoted Boy Scout before he became one of the world's biggest movie stars.

Kate Winslet was adorable as a little girl growing up in England.

Orlando Bloom was a star student despite being diagnosed with the learning disability dyslexia at a young age.

Rihanna grew up in a three-bedroom bungalow on the island of Barbados.

You've seen celebrities before they were famous...

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