See What Apple's CarPlay Will Look Like In One Of Mercedes' Luxury Sedans

CarPlay, the system that lets you run iOS on your car dashboard, has finally been revealed.

Formally announced as “iOS in the Car” at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last summer, CarPlay lets you make calls and texts using Siri as well as control navigation and music with touch, voice, or the controls built into your car.

We’ve previously seen rendered (as in, computer-generated) footage of what Apple’s in-dash system would look like.

Today we got out first look at the hardware and interface that’ll actually make it into production. Daimler, the parent company of luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz, has released tons of photos showing what their hardware will look like when working in concert with CarPlay in a C-Class luxury sedan.

Plugging your iPhone into a CarPlay-capable car will make your device inaccessible via the phone itself.

Instead, your car's dashboard will turn into a pseudo-iPad, with the same look and some of the capabilities as iOS.

The screen Mercedes uses kind of looks like an iPad without the iconic home button.

While touch and Siri will be available as control options, you'll also be able to use the controls designed by your car's manufacturer.

Here's what it looks like when you search for an address to navigate to.

And what it looks like once you've picked a destination.

Here's what the Siri interface looks like in CarPlay.

The music selection interface is a lot like the Music app on your iPhone.

You can pick songs from artists in your library...

Or you can make your own playlist. If you're feeling lazy, you could even just listen to iTunes Radio.

The music control screen makes it easy to keep track of what you're listening to, pause, or move onto something else.

Here's what it looks like when you receive a text or iMessage through CarPlay.

A notification counter stays around if you don't immediately look at the message, just like on your phone or tablet.

When you open the Messages app, you can either immediately jump into composing a new message or read through those you've missed.

Looking through your texts is also nearly exactly the same as in regular iOS.

This is what it looks like when you bring up a person's contact info in CarPlay.

Every button in the Phone app in CarPlay is round, just like in the upcoming iOS 7.1 update.

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