What Can The U.S. And Egypt Learn From Cuba?

The greatest forms of evil known to mankind have always presented a carefully crafted perception as that which they are not.  

Action based on a false premise eventually leads to problems. The popular notion that perception is reality is a false and misleading premise. Reality is reality. The real question and principal challenge in life is whether or not what we perceive is in sync or lagging behind what is actually real.
Fidel Castro was a master of illusion that was constantly fuelled by high-pitched emotion.  He was a genius at creating and sustaining on a grand scale a perception of a utopian society that 50 years of his reality has proven to be nothing more than brutally oppressive and a complete failure in delivering the real goods for the Cuban people.  And he had a lot of help here and elsewhere.  
Above all else, what Castro stole from the Cuban people over such a long period of time was their ability to think critically; or the ability to discern the difference between what is real and beneficial over the long run, and what was nothing more than a false front covering the hidden, self-serving agenda of a “charismatic” megalomaniac that ultimately caused much suffering.
The unfolding Egyptian situation is a replay of what started 50 years ago in Cuba. Hopefully, the Egyptian people will actually learn from history and not make the same emotionally-driven mistakes in choosing their way forward.
Meanwhile, in U.S. society, “perception is reality” has become a big, profitable business for big media and the number 1 social industry of our time.  One example discussed in the “Eyes Wide Shut”  post was the internal cancer that was eating away at our economy over a generation or more that resulted in the Financial Crisis.  Such a phenomenon — which is essentially economic tyranny for the American people — could not have possibly occurred in the light of day.  It required the false front or manufactured perception of a progressive and stable economy that was presented by the media at large at the behest of those who pay their big bills — Wall Street in particular.
So we in the U.S. have our own work cut out as far as approaching the future with our Eyes Wide Open, relying less on the silkiy-smooth, entertaining but ultimately self-serving hack masters of perception who operate under the guise of objective, arms-lenght journalism.  

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