What breakfast looks like in 15 countries around the world

  • From elaborate and rich spreads to sweet and savoury treats, breakfast varies from country to country.
  • Colombia and Myanmar opt for savoury breakfast soups to start their day.
  • Countries with access to fresh seafood, like Guyana and the Maldives, incorporate fish into their morning meals.

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– [Narrator] No matter where you’re waking up around the world, a hearty breakfast is the best way to start the day. From elaborate spreads to sweet and savoury bites, here is what breakfast looks like around the world.

Breakfast in Morocco is all about simplicity such as bread and egg dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, sfenj is a popular doughnut-style treat. It is eaten plain or soaked in honey. Moroccan breakfast also doubles as tea time.

Shakshuka is a common breakfast dish eaten throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The dish is made of eggs poached, baked, or scrambled in a savoury, tomato-based sauce. It’s thought to have originated in Tunisia then spread to Israel and the surrounding region by Jewish immigrants.

In England, a full English breakfast means little room left on your plate. Sometimes referred to as a fry-up, the plate features a sunny-side up fried egg, sausage, fried bread, bacon, beans, and tomatoes paired with a side of hot tea. Some locals might even add on mushrooms, black pudding, and potatoes for the ultimate English breakfast.

A traditional Japanese breakfast includes an array of savoury bites. It often consists of miso soup, fish, and steamed rice usually served with egg. Nattō, fermented soybeans mixed with soy sauce and mustard, is also eaten in the breakfast set.

A Filipino breakfast starts with sour, sweet, and savoury flavours of tapsilog. Thin slices of beef tapa are served with a fried egg and garlic fried rice. The beef is often marinated in soy sauce, calamansi juice, vinegar, sugar, and garlic.

While meals vary across the country, breakfast in the United States tends to include a few regular go-tos. Americans enjoy chowing down on eggs, bacon, sausage, and starchy sides like toast or pancakes.

The south Asian dish halwa poori is beloved by people in both India and Pakistan. Poori, which is made out of wheat flour, is served deep-fried with chana masala, a spicy chickpea curry, potato, and sweet milk and semolina-based confection called halwa.

In Myanmar, sip on savoury mohinga soup. This Burmese favourite is a rice noodle and fish soup with lemongrass, garlic, and catfish. It is considered to be the national dish of Myanmar.

Breakfast in Turkey is an elaborate spread known as kahvalti, which is a Turkish word for breakfast. It consists of fresh cheeses like feta and kashkaval, black and green olives, fresh-baked white bread, fruit preserves, honey, sweet butter, and plenty of brewed black tea served in Turkish tea glasses.

Colombia changua is a hearty soup made of milk, water, scallions, and eggs. This soup is garnished with cilantro and topped with a piece of stale bread called calado, which softens in the changua.

In Bulgaria, banitsa is a traditional flaky pastry eaten for breakfast. It is prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between phyllo pastry and then baked in an oven. It can be eaten hot or cold.

Bake and salt fish is a classic breakfast dish in Guyana. It consists of boiled, salted codfish sautéed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and pepper. It is served with bake, a bread that is slightly sweet.

Breakfast in Mexico is not to be missed. Chilaquiles is made up of fried corn tortillas soaked in red or green salsa and topped with crema, cheese, and onions.

Mangú is a popular dish served for breakfast in the Dominican Republic. It is made up of boiled plantains that are mashed with butter and served with fried eggs, Dominican salami, and pickled onions.

Mas huni is a traditional breakfast dish in the Maldives. Tuna is combined with minced chillis, finely chopped onions, and freshly grated coconut. It is eaten with roshi flatbread.

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