9 Honest Brand Slogans You'll Never See Companies Adopt

denny's sloganRedditors thought Denny’s could come up with a better slogan than that.

Slogans are crucial for company marketing campaigns. But Reddit wanted to know, are slogans honest?

More than 16,000 Redditors suggested what brands’ real slogans would be if they were actually being realistic.

For example, Denny’s slogan might be “America’s diner is always open,” but Redditors thought a more accurate tagline is, “Because it’s 2 am, you’re drunk, and you need pancakes.”

Here are our favourite Reddit selections.

Here's what Motel 6's slogan is in real life:

Reddit says it should be, 'MOTEL 6: We'll leave the lights on for you, but there's not much that we can do about the smell.'

Carnival's real slogan:

Redditors said, 'Carnival Cruise: OH COME ON. What are the chances something will happen this time?'

Dasani's first slogan was a disaster. The company referred to the water as 'Spunk.'

Reddit prefers, DASANI: Italian for 'Coke just sold you water.'

Applebee's real slogan:

REDDITORS SAID, 'For when you're too lazy to prepare your own frozen food.'

United Airline's real slogan is 'Let's fly together.'

Reddit prefers, 'UNITED AIRLINES: You'll wish you would have walked.'

Denny's real slogan:

Reddit likes, 'DENNY'S: Because its 2 am, you're drunk, and you need pancakes.'

In 2012, Comcast trademarked this slogan for products like Xfinity:

Redditors think a better slogan is, 'COMCAST: Because you have no other choice.'

1-800-Flowers uses:

Redditors think it should be, '1-800-Flowers ... the cheapest way to say you remembered your anniversary an hour ago.'

In 2011, Lexus decided on this slogan:

Redditors decided on: 'LEXUS: A Toyota that will get you laid.'

A company's logo, however, might be important than a good slogan.

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