Business Insider staffers reveal the one item they never travel without

Travelling can be an amazing experience.

But it can also be a disaster if you don’t pack the right things.

We asked Business Insider editors and writers to tell us the one essential item they always travel with.

From obvious things like passports and credit cards to things you might not think of like rechargeable phone cases and facial mists, here’s what you should pack for every trip.


Keeping some cash in your pocket while travelling is a always a good idea, in case your wallet is stolen or one of your credit cards isn't accepted.

'An unmarked, untorn US $US100 bill of updated design is the only non-precious metal that's accepted as legal tender literally everywhere in the world. It's having a small gold bar in your pocket,' defence and military editor Armin Rosen said.

Credit cards

Along with some cash, it's a good idea to bring credit cards on your trip. Just make sure to call your credit card company in advance to let them know you'll be travelling abroad.

However, be aware that some credit cards, like American Express, may not be accepted all over the world. So, to be safe, bring a card like a Visa or Mastercard, which is more likely to be accepted globally.

'Although I am a loyal Amex customer, too many places don't accept Amex outside of the US, so I got a Visa credit card, which I never use here in the US, just for that purpose -- to bring with me when I travel,' careers editor Jacquelyn Smith said.

A case that charges your phone on the go

If you'd rather not bring an external battery for your phone, it might be a good idea to invest in a Mophie battery phone case, which is waterproof and charges your phone while you're on the go.

Price: $US49.99

Travel documents

If you're travelling internationally, the first thing you pack should be your passport, and it's often a good idea to bring a paper and digital copy of it as well. You might want to consider bringing copies of your state ID too.

It can also be helpful to bring a travel itinerary that includes times, addresses, and confirmations of the events you have planned for your trip.


Particularly essential for flying travellers, headphones can be your key to drowning out a noisy neighbour or crying child on a plane.

Most airlines don't provide headphones anymore, and if they do, they're usually low quality and cost money, so save yourself the frustration and bring your own pair for listening to music and watching movies.

'There's nothing worse than wanting to listen to some tunes only to find you don't have any earbuds. I kick myself if I have to shell out the $US2-$US3 fee on a plane for headphones that aren't that great and that I'll use once,' entertainment editor Kirsten Acuna said.

Audio-Technica makes a pair that sounds great and are comfortable.

Price: $US156.95

Facial mist

If you're travelling to a particularly hot locale, or if you're going to be sitting on a plane for hours on end, spritzing your face with some facial mist is a great way to cool down and / or freshen up.

'I have a friend who always travels with this face spritzer to avoid breaking out,' finance reporter Portia Crowe said.

Price: $US6.48


Staying hydrated while travelling is important, but it can also be expensive if you have to pay for bottled water everywhere you go. (Although in some countries where the tap water is not safe to drink, buying bottled water is necessary.)

'I bring it (my water bottle) everywhere. I drink a ton of water and hate paying for overpriced bottled water, so I always fill it up before I leave, or in airports after security. And if I stay hydrated I'm less likely to get cranky from dehydration and can handle longer, activity-filled days,' lists and features reporter Emmie Martin said.

Now see what else you should be packing.

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