What Beating Breast Cancer Taught Former NSW Premier Nick Greiner About His Political Career

Former NSW premier Nick Greiner, who has beating breast cancer, in 2004 (Photo: Getty)

Nick Greiner, a former Liberal premier of NSW, had breast cancer.

The disease is extremely rare in men, with only 125 cases diagnosed each year, though still incredibly dangerous.

Thankfully Greiner, who serves on a number of boards, had a successful operation, a total left mastectomy with a sentinel node biopsy, and has since received a clean bill of health.

Greiner was stoic throughout, after discovering the cancer through a pin prink of blood on his shirt, according to the Australian Financial Review.

But the scare did bring him in touch with his emotions. It wasn’t until he was in bed, reading, that the full impact of what had happened struck.

“I generally don’t cry,” he said.

“When Bob Hawke cried over Tiananmen Square, like every other Liberal leader I piled in on him and said how ridiculous it was. And when I resigned as premier in 1992, I didn’t cry.

“Of course, in retrospect I would have been a far better premier if I had been 10 years older and more in touch with my emotions.”

There’s more here.

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