See What These Baseball Stars Looked Like As Rookies

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The MLB playoffs are upon us, and it’s no surprise to see the likes of Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte playing October baseball.It really does feel like these playoff veterans have been around forever, but of course, every legacy has a beginning.

And a lot of these beginnings look awesome.

Derek Jeter rocked a mullet in the minors (1992)

Alex Rodriguez seemed more innocent back in the day (1995)

Andy Pettitte still makes strange faces (1993)

Raul Ibanez has become a Yankee legend 16 years after making his Major League debut (1996)

Mariano Rivera's fashion sense has certainly improved as he got older (1992)

Joe Girardi won a World Series as a manager 20 years after his Major League debut (1989)

Buck Showalter never made it to the majors as a player, but he has a chance to win his first World Series as the Orioles manager (1979)

Like his manager, Jim Thome is also chasing that elusive World Series ring (1992)

Miguel Cabrera's smile hasn't changed a bit (2000)

In 9 years, Justin Verlander went from being a baby-faced prospect to a bearded no-hitter machine (2003)

Josh Hamilton's season might be over, but at least he has free agency to look forward to (2001)

It's apparently been 6 years since Tim Lincecum got a haircut (2006)

13 years later, Carlos Beltran looks surprised to be in the World Series hunt (1999)

The determination on Scott Rolen's face hasn't changed. He did, however, grow a nice beard (1995)

Chipper Jones calls it a career after 20 great seasons with the Braves (1991)

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Source: PlayerSeason

And for more then and now athlete comparisons...

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