What Barbie Would Look Like If She Had The Body Of An Average 19-Year-Old American

BarbieHuman v. Barbie

We recently brought you a set of images showing what Barbie and other dolls would look like without the makeup that Mattel paints on their faces.

Illustrator Nikolay Lamm has now taken his investigation of Barbie’s unlikely physical appearance a step further.

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He extrapolated Barbie’s body size, if she was human, and compared it side-by-side with the average body proportions of a 19-year-old American.

“I feel that this is as close as you can get to a real life representation of a Barbie proportioned woman standing next to an average sized woman,” he tells us.

The average 19 year old woman was modelled using these measurements, as described by the CDC:

  • 64.29″ height
  • 33.62″ waist
  • 140.09″ upper arm length
  • 14.45″ upper leg length
  • 20″ head circumference
  • 15″ neck circumference

Barbie, at 1/6 scale, would have the following measurements, Lamm believes:

  • 69″ height

  • 36″ bust

  • 18″ waist

  • 33″ hips
22″ head circumference
9″ neck circumference

As Lamm maps Barbie next to an average person, the differences become obvious quickly.

Barbie is huge! She is 5 inches taller than the average young woman.

Barbie isn't just a thin woman — her waist is almost half the size of an average woman's, just 18 inches.

Barbie's features start to look increasingly unrealistic the more closely you examine her.

She's not just thin. She's stick-like.

She's also missing a ribcage.

There's one difference that's really creepy. See if you can guess what it is ...

Barbie's hands are tiny!

Barbie has a smaller torso but a larger bust size. If she was real, you might assume she'd had some work done.

Now see her as she would appear first thing in the morning before she leaves the house ...

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