What Athletes Looked Like Before And After They Used Steroids

AP ImagesUnfortunately there will always be cheating when it comes to sports.

Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and many other MLB players are at the centre of another scandal right now. MLB is planning to suspend up to 20 players for allegedly being connected to a Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

Many athletes have also used steroids to get ahead, plenty of them have gotten caught.

Here are some of the most famous cases, many of them baseball players.

A young Barry Bonds

This is Bonds in 2007. In 2011 he was convicted for lying to a Grand Jury about his steroid use

Jose Canseco in his A's days

In 2006, Conseco wrote a book called Juiced about his steroid use throughout his career

Mark McGwire in his early days

And McGwire in the 90's. In 2010, he finally admitted to steroid use during his career

Source: ESPN

Jason Giambi for Team USA

This is Giambi in 2005. He admitted to using steroids for several years throughout his career in 2007.

Source: NYDN

A young Sammy Sosa

In 2009 a report came out that Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003

Little A-Rod

A-Rod also tested positive for steroids in 2003, and is now at the centre of the MLB's most recent PED scandal

Marion Jones before the Olympics

In 2007 Jones admitted to using steroids to prepare for the Olympics and had her medals stripped

Source: Washington Post

David Ortiz for the Twins

And Ortiz in 2003 when he tested positive for steroid use

A young Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez in 2003, when he tested positive for steroid use

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