What Athens Is Like Right Now

ATHENS, GREECE — My editor Henry Blodget just asked me on Twitter what Athens was like right now, because a friend of his said that it was a pretty boring Saturday, so I thought this would be a good excuse to post a picture I just took from the roof of the Electra Palace Hotel (where some other journalists from fancier media organisations are staying).

It’s beautiful, and people are lying leisurely at the pool, and though this is the roof of a fancy hotel, most of Athens feels this way right now.

There’s no sense of panic. Nobody is lining up at ATMs (though taking one’s money out of a Greek bank account is a major topic of conversation). People are in cafes and restaurants (the stores may be empty, but people aren’t giving up coffee, beer, and food).

Some people are worried about what things will be like on Monday, but today, more people are interested in tonight’s football match between Greece and Russia in the European Cup.

Athens is really beautiful, and frankly it’s one reason to think it will eventually rebound. People joke about wanting to buy property if Greece collapses and reverts to the drachma, but the joke is based on the real fact that for obvious reasons it’s an incredibly desirable place to be.

greece acropolis pool

Photo: Business Insider

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