I took a 10-hour night bus through Peru and it was one of the most luxurious travel experiences I've ever had

The INSIDER Summary:

• While you wouldn’t expect much from a bus in South America, Peru’s Cruz del Sur buses are surprisingly luxurious.
• For only $30, I had a giant seat that reclined almost fully, and a personal TV and entertainment system.
• Buses even feature “land hostesses” and meals.

Buses don’t usually conjure up images of luxury. Neither does the idea of public transportation in Peru.

Naturally, when my boyfriend suggested we save money on transportation and accommodation by taking a night bus from Lima to Trujillo, I was sceptical.

Having done his due diligence, he assured me that these buses were safe — but that wasn’t necessarily my primary concern.

However, I was pleasantly surprised at how clean they were — and shocked at how luxurious. Turns out, a night bus in Peru is pretty damn close to flying business class.

We took a Cruz del Sur bus from Lima, Peru, to Trujillo, Peru. We booked our tickets online, about a week in advance.

Buses are double deckers. If we're comparing the bus to a plane, the top level is 'economy class,' while the lower level is 'business class.'

Even coach seemed pretty luxe.

For a grand total of $30 per ticket, we treated ourselves to the so-called VIP level. Our bus left at 10pm, and we arrived in Trujillo around 8am.

Boarding the bus I was shocked at how roomy the seats were -- our section only had 12 chairs. They reclined almost fully.

Each seat had its own TV and entertainment system, as well as a USB port to charge devices. Seats came with a pillow, blanket, and headphones, and, depending on the bus, WiFi and power outlets.

Of course there were bathrooms.

A 'flight attendant' -- or as they call it 'land hostess' -- came by with food and drinks. She did not tuck me in.

I didn't eat since our trip was so late, but the food looked pretty good.

I popped a Melatonin, strapped on an eye mask, and was out cold until we arrived.

Next time you're in Peru, I highly recommend checking out the bus routes.

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