Foursquare Lists Help People Plan Future Check-Ins

foursquare list

Today, Foursquare unleashed a new feature, Lists.

Lists help users keep track of all the places they’d like to go, and discover all the places they should go.

They can be made quickly from a user’s check-in history or they can be created from scratch. Users can share lists with friends, and view friends’ lists too.

This move catapults Foursquare into future check-ins. It also positions them well as a group travel app. Now users can focus more on planning trips and discovering venues than on highlighting where they already are.

Foursquare is launching the feature with a bunch of lists from major brands. People made a list of places to “check in like a superstar.”  Bravo put together a list of places where Millionaire Matchmaker films dates.

capitalising on “intent” is a smart move for Foursquare; people want to do much more than they actually do.

The company may have just killed a bunch of startups by launching Lists too, like bookmarking tool Matchbook, social travel app Gtrot, and a handful of others that have been innovating in the group travel and discovery space.