Here's What Your Favourite iPhone Apps Might Look Like After Apple Releases Its Big Software Update

instagram ios7A mockup of how Instagram could change in iOS 7.

The new version of iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads, coming this fall is going to completely overhaul the design you’re used to.

What we haven’t seen is how developers will change their apps to better match Apple’s new look. 

Apple has released new software for developers that will let them update their apps to include the new features, controls, and icons that are coming in iOS 7, but few if any developers have publicly spoken about what this will mean for their apps. 

Some designers on the design showcase site Dribbble have decided to show what popular apps will look like when their teams utilise Apple’s new software. This Tumblr page decided to round up up the best examples.

So far, the results are rather pleasing to look at.

This Spotify redesign simplifies the user interface, gives greater emphasis to the music controls (like Apple's new Music app), and uses iOS 7's graphics blending features to make the whole app match the look of the current album.

With Instagram, this designer kept much of the user interface the same, but brought the look closer to what Apple is doing with its Photos app

Here's what Limelight is going to look like when iOS comes out, according to the actual designer of the app

This Twitter redesign is brighter, uses slightly more space to show tweets, and uses iOS 7's new blending features instead of a solid bar for the different tabs at the bottom.

WhatsApp's redesign relies on more eye-catching colours and simplifies the user experience by reducing the number of buttons and simplifying the icons.

Vine's redesign keeps the overall look but uses cleaner icon aesthetic that Apple is going for with iOS 7 and integrates partially see-through layers for the top menu to show that there is more content waiting if you scroll up.

Like the Spotify redesign, this Rdio mockup increases the size of the music controls. The colour scheme is also a bit brighter to go along with the new colour palette in Apple's software.

Skype's design remains mostly the same in this mockup, with a slight increase in the size of icons at the bottom and a move to using round pictures of people's faces instead of the square images of the past.

Like the WhatsApp and Skype redesigns, the Viber mockup uses vibrant colour and moves to using circular pictures to represent contacts.

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