What An Anti-Google Whisper Campaign Looks Like

[Editor’s note: People are freaking out because Facebook hired a public relations firm to plant stories attacking Google in the press. Guess what? This happens all the time. Google does it, too. Here’s a story we wrote about Microsoft’s efforts back in 2009…]

One thing people in the industry should know more about is all the semi-secret lobbying that goes on at the behest of tech rivals Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT). It’s pretty constant and very aggressive.

For example, over the weekend we got an email from Will Rodger of LMG Inc, a Washington-based public affairs firm that is known to work with Microsoft and specialises in “next-generation services such as viral and online campaigns.” 


The email pointed out a total of three Googlers have been poached by the Obama administration. It read:

“This looks like a full embrace of Google by the White House.  We do not remember a time when one company had so many executives leave to serve a single administration. Others may have a better handle on the history.”

Click to expand the image on the right and read the email.

To be clear, Microsoft and its “partners” aren’t the only ones going around whispering in reporter’s ears. We also hear plenty from Google lobbyists and their friends too.

Maybe LMG just happens to be slightly louder and more active than everybody else.

Here’s some more evidence of LMG’s recent work:

  • Wired covers LMG’s work at the behest of AT&T and Microsoft to fight Google’s telecom ambitions.
  • A report in which Microsoft confirms it retained LMG to help kill the Yahoo-Google deal.
  • CNET reports on an anti-Google letter supposedly written by American Corn Growers Association that was actually written by LMG.
  • Knowledge Ecology Notes reports on LMG working with the Internet Archives to fight Google’s Book Search settlement.