Microsoft’s Razorfish Endorses Competitor’s Cloud


Microsoft (MSFT) may not have have all the kinks worked out yet with its Azure cloud computing platform, which is still in development, but Microsoft-owned Razorfish isn’t waiting: The digital ad agency, still under Microsoft’s umbrella, is loudly endorsing the platform of cloud rival Rackspace (RAX):

“We are lucky to have clients who believe in the power of digital marketing,” said Tobias Klauder, director of IT software engineering at Razorfish. “Marketers who want to build their brands online want and need to focus on their customers’ digital brand experience. While our clients turn to us for creative and other consumer-facing services, they also turn to us for services on the back end — services that ensure their sites function at an optimal level even during major spikes in traffic. That’s why we rely on Rackspace.”

Razorfish has never seemed to quite fit into Microsoft’s operations: The company came to be owned by Microsoft as part of the $5.9 billion deal with aQuantive, and there’s endless speculation that Microsoft may be looking to sell it.

Microsoft’s own cloud solution, Azure, is aiming for go-live later this year.