A Netflix exec explains why she isn't very interested in your education or previous jobs

If you’re interested in working for Netflix — perhaps because of its attractive perks, like high pay, unlimited vacation, or generous parental leave policies — you may want to know what their hiring managers are looking for in potential employees before you apply.

In a recent interview with Cindy Holland, vice president for original content at Netflix, Adam Bryant of the New York Times asked: “How do you hire?”

Holland said she looks for candidates who are “really curious, passionate” people who are “willing to have a point of view and articulate it.”

“I’m less interested in what school somebody went to or what fancy company they may have worked at. I want to know what they’re interested in and where they come from and what they’re seeking to do,” she told Bryant.

To figure this out, Holland starts the interview with a query most hiring managers ask at the end: “What questions do you have for me?”

“I want to know what they’re curious about. Some people respond well to that first question and some people are so thrown that they say they don’t have any questions. It doesn’t disqualify them automatically, but it definitely tells me something about them.”

Click here to read the full New York Times interview.

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