What A Hypothetical 8-Team College Football Playoff Would Look Like After Week 10

With several of the top teams taking the week off, our weekly 8-team playoff projection has just one new member for the second straight week.

Below, we take a look at what an 8-team playoff might look like this season if things continue the way they are going now.

To determine the field for an 8-team playoff, we projected the champions of the five major BCS conferences and then selected three at-large teams.

Here are the eight teams and how they would be seeded (record in parentheses):

Florida State’s convincing win over Miami moved them back up to the second seed. However, that move is likely to be short-lived if Oregon beats Stanford on Thursday night.

Florida State’s win also knocked Miami out of the projection. They were replaced by Missouri with Clemson moving up to the seventh seed.

Once again, no teams would have a real complaint this week as the top eight teams according to the BCS are all included in this scenario as all five projected conference champions are ranked in the top-8. The best teams who would be left on the outside looking in would be Auburn (no. 9 in the BCS rankings including no. 7 among BCS computers) and Oklahoma (no. 10 in the BCS) who plays Baylor this week.

Here is what the bracket might look like…


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