What 7 major cities will look like if global warming continues at its current rate

Rising sea levels from global warming are becoming an increasing threat to major coastal cities across the world.

Climate Central has created visual projections of what the world would like post-2100 after a 4°C increase in global warming – a trajectory it says remains based on current patterns if there is now response to existing carbon emissions.

Using London, Shanghai, Mumbai, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Durban and New York as examples, these artistic interpretations are confronting, particularly considering that 85% of Australians live on the coast.

The images below were created by visual artist Nickolay Lamm based on Climate Central’s sea level map data. They also feature the result if warming is reduced to 2% – the target limit considered the threshold to avoid catastrophic climate change, according to the UN.

Move the red cursor left and right to see the differences.

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