What 15 Australian executives want for Christmas

Peace and quiet on a remote island wouldn’t be a bad gift. Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s gift season, and if you’re a little slow to get shopping, then to spark your imagination, we asked a dozen Australia business executives what they want for Christmas.

While most of them want more time in a day and others want peace and quite on a remote island, many have asked for cool gadgets and fun toys.

If you’re shopping for a business-minded person, these gifts might be a good starting point.

Here’s what these 15 Australian executives want for Christmas this year.

Justin Dry, co-founder and CEO of Vinomofo, wants to have a long lunch with his nearest and dearest.


A long lunch with my family and closest mates, drinking awesome wines.

It's tough getting all of my favourite people together at once but they all migrate back to Adelaide over Christmas so I'm hoping to get them all together again this year.

Patrick Schmidt, CEO of The Iconic, wants the money that would be spent on gifts donated to charity.


When my wife and I got married we decided that instead of accepting gifts we’d ask our friends and family to donate to charity.

Through the generosity of our nearest and dearest we were able to donate $10,000 to one of our favourite causes, Save the Children, and it felt so good that we've made it an annual family tradition each Christmas -- after all, you can’t get married every year.

This Christmas I'd love to see us break our record. Supporting Save the Children has taken on a whole new significance following the birth of our gorgeous daughter just six weeks ago -- it's the least we can do to make the world a bit of a better place.

Not quite as impressive as Mark Zuckerberg, but every step counts.

Shira Raber, managing director of Helpling, wants a painting by Gustav Klimt, or at least a replica.


I'm in the process of finding some new art for around my home and have my eye on my favourite painting – The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

The real one is not for sale but is valued at more than $150 million so I’ll have to settle for the replica!

Levi Aron, country manager of Deliveroo, wants the Fuji Transonic SRAM Red 22 road bike.


Where to start!...the new Fuji Transonic SRAM Red 22 road bike, iPad Pro, and of course, a money can't buy 5 day 'device free' trip to the Maldives.

Martin Hosking, founder of Redbubble, wants to see some moving and shaking in the Australian tech sector.


I hope that the Government’s renewed emphasis on innovation starts to bear some fruit. Particularly would like to see a commitment to technology in education. Australia has too few business and technology graduates.

We need people who are builders if we are going to really move forward after the end of the mining boom. So I hope that 2016 is going to be a year of action after quite a few years of words.

John Winning, CEO of Winning Group, wants more time in the day.


More time in the day. Or I would settle for more time spent with friends.

James Crawford, founder of Beanhunter, wants a Tesla.


I want a Tesla!

Georgina Nelson, CEO and co-founder of truRating, wants to go somewhere with no internet connection.


A holiday on a tropical island with no wi-fi – just for a handful of days – providing a little time and space to come back for a stellar 2016.

Dean Ramler, CEO and co-founder of Milan Direct, wants to catch up with family.


On the wish list this year is nothing material but simply catching up and spending some quality time with my family.

All our family currently lives overseas for work, so the Christmas period is the best time to catch up, and especially meet the new nephews that no doubt will continue the Ramler Family furniture tradition.

Sarah Hamilton, CEO of bellabox wants Victoria Beckham handbag.


I'm super keen on:

1. S'well Rose Gold Water bottle
2. Axel Arigato slip ons
3. A Victoria Beckham bag (I really hope this comes true..)

Christian Mischler, co-founder of HotelQuickly, wants a Canon EOS 80D camera


I like to take pictures and I’m waiting since months for the announcement of the Canon EOS 80D camera. There have been rumours since the beginning of the year that Canon might announce this model soon, but it still hasn’t happened. The 70D is already great, but it would be annoying to invest this much money into a new camera only to learn about a newer model a few weeks after.

Kate Morris, CEO & co-founder of Adore Beauty, wants some chickens.


Let’s face it, we all have plenty of “stuff”, so my wish list will be some chickens or a goat from Oxfam Unwrapped. And maybe some fruit mince pies, I do love those.

Mike Rosenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Spacer, celebrates Chanukah, the Jewish festival of rededication and lights, and wants a BBQ with family and friends.


I celebrate Chanukah, and on my wish list is to enjoy spending time with family & friends over the summer period in Sydney.

We live in the best city in the world, and there’s nothing better than enjoying the company of those you love over a BBQ and glass of bubbles over the summer!

Nick Bell, founder of WME Australia, wants some down time.


I’m not big on presents so over the Christmas period what I cherish most is down time. I usually head to the tropics for 10 days and do nothing but eat and drink good wine.

Last year was the Maldives, this year I’m planning on a secluded Thailand getaway. It’s not all sitting around doing nothing, I do use the time to create action plans and goals for the following year too.

Taryn Williams, founder WINK Models, wants to spend a sunny day a Bondi Beach.


Every year we do the traditional big team Christmas lunch that ends in espresso martinis in a bar at 2am!

This year, I really wanted some nice quality time with the team too (we’re still 100% popping the champagne) so I asked for my ‘perfect day’ which starts with a yoga class together on the rocks overlooking Bondi Beach, then a swim in the ocean, quick sunbake and healthy breakfast.

I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend my day, and my team have kindly organised it all. The perfect present!

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