Wharton MBAs: Lay Off Mitt, He’s Just Like Warren Buffett


[credit provider=”Jack Duval via flickr” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/cliffspics/149470904/”]

Today, The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that despite the beating Mitt Romney and his former profession have taken recently, Wharton students are quick to offer support for the private equity industry. (ht/ to Dealbreaker)That support is less than surprising coming from business school students, many of whom go on to seek employment in the industry.

But the zeal demonstrated in the informative. First-year MBA student Daniel Pang provides some great quotes in the piece, most eager, some woefully misinformed and grating:

“What Mitt Romney and many private equity firms do … is not different from what Warren Buffett does…It’s pretty much just investing in companies.”

“[Romney] might be really wealthy, but he’s made exponentially more money for other people.”

“The industry grew a lot in the early 2000s..It’s an attractive career path.”

Unlike the public, students, “especially in business schools like Wharton, get a more balanced opinion of private equity]…”

“Sometimes, for a company to operate most efficiently… it’s not the worst thing if some people ended up losing their jobs…A lot of times, that’s very beneficial for companies.”