Pwned! Zynga Poaches EA’s COO

John Schappert

Zynga just poached Electronic Arts COO John Schappert, Reuters reports.

The new gig is quite a turnaround for Schappert.

It was only a year ago last month that he was a loyal EA soldier, telling conference-goers that the future of the gaming business was still big store-bought franchises like The Sims or Madden Football.

These days, Zynga has a bigger market cap than EA and is quickly becoming an industry leader.

Of course, part of Zynga’s success has been its ability to launch the “Ville” franchises – CityVille, FrontierVille, FishVille, and FarmVille.

Confused how something as brainless as those games could be the backbone for such a powerful gaming company?

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