No One Knows What To Do With The Massive Whale Carcass Rotting Near Malibu's Celebrity Homes

A rotting whale carcass that washed up on the beach in Malibu earlier this week is posing a messy problem for local celebrities and millionaires who live nearby, according to the Associated Press.

Three days after it first appeared, authorities are still figuring out whose responsibility it is to deal with the 40,000-pound fin whale carcass. Los Angeles County lifeguards were reportedly going to try to pull the whale out to sea today, but the local fire inspector said the job would likely require a tug boat.

Los Angeles County has also said that its department of beaches and harbors is not responsible, the AP reported.

The photo below from the California Wildlife centre shows the whale earlier this week, between Malibu’s Paradise Cove and Point Dume, near the homes of Barbra Streisand and Bob Dylan.

whale carcass

Photo: California Wildlife centre

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