WGA Bashes Leno, Lehman For CNET? LOV, NAPS

The WGA’s divide-and-conquer strategy failed, so now it has branded Jay Leno a scab for jotting down monologue. Will the absurdity ever end? Only when the splintering WGA finally admits it has lost and throws in the towel.

Napster (NAPS) jacks prices 30% in last-ditch attempt to save self.

Slow-growing JDate parent Spark Networks (LOV) seeks sugar daddy. (Disclosure: I own some).

Confronted with impressive growth stats, Mahalo-Calacanis bashers change tune: Now ridicule company as being dependent on Google (instead of being a ridiculous idea that never had a chance).

Lehman Brothers buying CNET? SEC filing shows Lehman has acquired 6.1% stake. Perhaps Lehman will encourage CNET to more seriously consider our Offer and Restructuring Plan.

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