‘Westworld’ season 2 has critics gushing and a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes


Critics love season two of “Westworld,” with many saying it’s even better than the first, which premiered in 2016 on HBO.

The second season currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and premieres its first episode on HBO Sunday.

The first season was a hit with critics and audiences, but it ended on a somewhat disappointing note because a lot of people predicted where all the storylines would end up.

But critics at outlets including Business Insider have given season two glowing reviews because it expertly expands the world into more parks than just Westworld, and increases the stakes for all of its characters, both human and host.

Here’s what critics are saying about season two of “Westworld” (HBO made the season’s first five episodes available to the press).

“A bigger, bolder, and bloodier season that improves on season 1 in nearly every possible way.”


Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm

“With a thrilling sense of possibility and a fleetness in telling multiple stories, the new season’s first five episodes grow exponentially in appeal.”


Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

“The second season feels less like a freewheeling experiment and more like a TV show that knows what it’s doing and where it’s going.”


Kelly Lawler, USA Today

“There are moments of beauty in this absorbing world, and striving for depth is admirable even when it’s only partially mined. What it all adds up to could easily be worth the journey.”


Ben Travers, IndieWire

“On the whole, season two left me a more satisfied and entertained visitor to this park, and this show.”


Alan Sepinwall, Uproxx

“Season 2 builds off of that imparted knowledge to create something very different. We know the players, we know the game, but everything has been turned upside down. It’s a new world that in many ways feels like a new show.”


Allison Keane, Collider

“If some of the characters and story elements serve perfunctory purposes, ‘Westworld’s’ attempts to build and explore a lushly dystopian mythology improve on the convoluted efforts of the first season.”


Maureen Ryan, Variety

“Somehow, Westworld’s showrunners managed to return to the story with a bracing new energy and a real wellspring of emotional depth … Now, Westworld’s drama is finally worthy of all its dazzle. And wow, Season 2 is full of dazzle.”


Meghan O’Keefe, Decider