'Westworld' star's reaction to the show's full-frontal nudity: 'Wow, you can see it all'

Westworld thandie newton leonardo nam hboHBOThandie Newton as Maeve and Leonardo Nam as Felix Lutz on HBO’s ‘Westworld.’

Leonardo Nam says he wasn’t totally prepared for the immense amount of nudity in HBO’s “Westworld.”

Nam — who plays Felix Lutz, one of Westworld’s technicians who repair damaged hosts in order to return them to the theme park or mark them as unsalvageable and retire them to cold storage — shared many of his scenes with Thandie Newton, who played host Maeve, also the owner of the theme park’s brothel. And that meant he had to work with not only a naked Newton in a very early scene in which Maeve was being repaired, but also the nudity of costars and the show’s background players.

“I remember thinking the scene was just going to be in a medical-like room, no windows or anything like that,” Nam told Business Insider in a recent interview. “Just the other actor, myself, and Thandie. And then I go on to set and everything was glass. And I thought, ‘Wow. You can see it all.’ You can see into the other rooms, and then I saw the other extras and other bodies that were there.”

HBO kept a tight lid on details about “Westworld” during the nearly two years of production on the show’s first season. But the public got an early peek into the show when a contract for extras leaked and showed that sex and nudity would play a big role on the show.

Leonardo Nam Ricky MiddlesworthPhoto by Ricky Middlesworth; Grooming by Stephanie Puleio; Styling by Philippe UterLeonardo Nam plays technician Felix Lutz on HBO’s ‘Westworld.’

Nam said that he had to collect himself pretty quickly after the initial shock of it all.

“I started to think, ‘Oh, ok! There’s like a hundred, two-hundred extras and they’re all naked,” he said. “And once you start to understand what it is that the show is doing, you really do put on the hat of a professional on the set. And you just go with that.”

Newton, who is an outspoken activist for women’s rights and a victim of sexual abuse, welcomed her role’s nudity and the thoughtful use of sex on the series.

“Maeve was bit more challenging to me, personally, with the nudity and so on,” Newton previously told Business Insider of deciding to take the role. “It was also very important, because ironically, the use of my body has not been my choice in a number of situations.”

That would go a long way toward helping Nam get past his original shock.

“Thandie is an absolute professional,” Nam said. “Along with that, she is a wonderful and lovely person. That combination really was what made everyone comfortable on set. For me to be acting with her was a blessing. Not only is she in the scene and really present and so giving as an actor, which is gold for me because it makes the experience so rich and so wonderful, but what also helped once the cameras were turned off — we found our own natural rapport and friendship. And she really did take me under her wing.

“What I really enjoyed about this project is that, yes, it does show nudity, but we kind of showed nudity in a new way,” Nam continued. “And it really makes us rethink and re-see things such as gender and pleasure along with nudity. It was a new experience.”

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