HBO made a secret map of the 'Westworld' offices and it shows how the park is run

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Westworld.”
The INSIDER Summary:

• The “Westworld” theme park facility is built deep into the ground, like a reverse skyscraper.

• An Easter egg from an HBO marketing website reveals a map of the building.

• Here’s what each level looks like, according to the first two episodes.

HBO’s new hit series “Westworld” is already getting complicated for some viewers at home. From the mysterious theme park rules to a confusing sequence of underground rooms and hallways, you may have trouble visualising how the behind-the-scenes section of the park works.

Thanks to a fake “Delos Incorporated” website Easter egg, fans now have a easy way of visualising the Westworld facilities.

Here’s how the map appears on the website:

The building is essentially a skyscraper — but built down instead of up. According to “Westworld” creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the oldest park facilities are in the lowest levels, with newer additions built on top.

This map might still be hard to understand, so we added images from the first two episodes. Take a look at each scene, and where in the building it took place:

The “Mesa Gold” is the topmost section, where Lee Sizemore (Head of Narrative) and Teresa Cullen (Head of Quality Assurance) talked privately during the premiere.

Next down are the “Executive Living Quarters” and the regular “Living Quarters” — apartments where we saw Cullen and Bernard Lowe (the Head of Programming) engage in an affair.

The “Control Room” is where a gigantic, rotating digital rendering of the park is located.

The “Narrative & Design” headquarters are where Sizemore crafts new hosts, and where he presented the new storyline “Odyssey on Red River.” Dr. Ford quickly shut him down.

We’re pretty sure “Livestock Management” is where the hosts get physicals, and where Maeve woke up in the middle of “surgery” before nearly escaping.

Further down we have the “Arrivals Monorail Terminal,” where we watched as William and Logan arrived in the second episode. We’re guessing he got ready in a room around the same level, and then boarded another train into the park.

All the way at the bottom is “Cold Storage,” the bleak and flooded area where Bernard and Ashley Stubbs (Head of Security) went in the premiere episode. Based on the old “Delos” globe seen there, we can assume it’s part of the “Old Disused Facilities” that are 30 years old.

We didn’t squeeze a photo in for “Manufacturing,” but that’s where all of those crazy robot-making machines are housed.

If you spend enough time reading through HBO’s two marketing websites — “Delos Incorporated” and “Discover Westworld” — you’ll find many more hidden clues about where the show might be headed.

Stay tuned for more reveals from INSIDER.

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