WESTPAC CEO: 'Like any large business, we aren't perfect and we get things wrong'

Brian Hartzer at the parliamentary hearing. Image: Screenshot from parliamentary broadcast.

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer told a parliamentary hearing today that Australia’s banks are on track to close the trust gap with the public.

Hartzer was appearing for a second time before House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics in Canberra which is holding the banks to account.

“There is still more to do but I believe Westpac, and the industry as a whole, are on the right path to closing the trust gap,” he says.

“This doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes. I said last time that, like any large business, we aren’t perfect and we get things wrong.

“What I hope we always get right is that where we make mistakes, we accept responsibility, and fix things for our customers.”

The banks have been hit by a series of scandals including faulty financial planning advice to customers, restricting payouts for disability insurance claims and allegations of rigging the bank bill swap rate.

At the first parliamentary hearings in October, the CEOs admitted to the past shortcomings in their organisations, apologised and promised to do better.

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