The Westboro Baptist Church Is Going On A Silicon Valley Protest Tour

WBC Westboro

Typically found protesting outside Planned Parenthood locations and soldiers’ funerals, the notorious Westboro Baptist Church is planning a protest tour through the heart of Silicon Valley, Valleywag reports. The extreme religious group put out a flyer detailing its route to harass nine Bay Area tech companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google.
It will be a tight schedule for the WBC, who plans on spending at least a half hour at each destination, though seemingly has not really accounted for travel time. For example, even though the group only allotted for five minutes between the “visits” to Pinterest and Instagram, a Google Maps search reveals the two are at least an eight minute drive or a 17 minute walk.

Ironically, the WBC is taking to social media to promote its campaign. “Steve Jobs wasn’t a god, he IS a dead fool who resides in hell’s flames!” @WBCSays tweeted today with a link to this Instagram:

And here’s the flyer outlining the tour.


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