West Virginia Democrat Goes Rogue In Federal Budget Battle -- Will Vote AGAINST Raising Debt Ceiling

Joe Manchin

Photo: AP

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) had harsh words for his own party Monday, criticising President Obama and other Democrats for not getting serious about spending cuts.”There are some in Washington who believe we can simply ignore the fiscal peril we face as a nation. They are wrong,” Manchin said during a visit to his home state.

He pledged to vote against the debt ceiling in the absence of a “real budget plan.” 

Manchin faces a tough re-election battle in a red state next year – has gone to great lengths to distance himself from President Obama and establish himself as a fiscal conservative. He blasted the President’s “failure to lead” on budget negotiations during a Senate floor speech this month, and has declined to say whether he will support Obama in 2012.

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