West Palm Beach STUNNED We realised How Depressing It Is

The city of West Palm Beach is stunned that it came in at #7 on our list of the Most Depressing Cities in America.

Local affiliate CBS12 can’t believe the city is on a list that includes Detroit and Yuma, AZ.

The Palm Beach Post thinks we ignored their beautiful Palm trees, and wondered if perhaps we were commenting on “the grotesque fish lips and silcone-stuffed chests of half the female population.” (their words, seriously).

But is it really that surprising that Condoville, FL and ground zero of Bernie Madoff’s scamming activities would make the list?

Meanwhile, here’s CBS12’s other top headlines form this morning:

  • Port St. Lucie man charged with leaving toddler in hot car
  • Priest wants out of jail
  • Husband arrested for killing his family
  • Scorched historic home won’t be torn down, says owner
  • ‘We are not out of the woods’ with new flu, CDC warns
  • La. 8th-grader detailed shooting in ‘deadly diary’
  • EPA: Analysis finds suspect materials in drywall
  • Woman, 78, allegedly beats husband over old affair
  • Rain gives West Palm water reprieve– indirectly
  • Life sentence for young man who raped girl, left her to die
  • Peoples Gas rates going up $2.82 a month in Fla.

Yes, we can see why they’re so shocked at being named to the list.

(Also, for what it’s worth our favourite headline of those is: “Rain gives West Palm water reprieve– indirectly”. It’s the indirectly part that tickles us so much.


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