West Elm is no longer selling the Peggy sofa after years of negative reviews

West Elm has stopped selling its $US1,199 “Peggy” sofa just days after a blog post shed light on customer dissatisfaction with the piece of furniture. 

The news, which was first reported by BuzzFeed’s Leticia Miranda, comes less than a week after Anna Hezel wrote a story on The Awl about her own displeasure of the sofa.  

“We would scooch across a cushion at the wrong angle, and a button would pop off, leaving a fraying hole behind,” Hezel wrote. “We would lean back slightly too far, and all of the cushions would shift forward and over the edge of the couch in unison.”

“I became obsessed with the extremely banal mistake I had made as a consumer,” Hezel said. 

Since West Elm doesn’t feature customer reviews on its website, Hezel took to social media to see what others had to say about the couch. It turned out she wasn’t alone. 

“This is literally the worst couch I’ve ever bought,” one Instagram user wrote in a comment on West Elm’s photo of the sofa. 

One customer tweeted that the couch’s buttons had fallen off within a few months of purchase and West Elm refused to help.

One of Hezel’s friends was told to hire an upholsterer to fix the couch, while another was told to simply buy a crochet needle and fix it herself.

On Tuesday, West Elm’s customer service department confirmed to Business Insider that the “Peggy” is not currently available online or in any US stores. The company was unable to confirm if the sofa would come back in stock.

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