Were Yesterday's Daily News Firings The Start Of A Bigger Shakeup?

daily news

Back in July, there was speculation that new Daily News editor-in-chief Kevin Convey, who replaced Martin Dunn after he stepped down due to his wife’s illness, would further gut the already decimated newsroom.  Under Convey, the Boston Herald had been operating with a newsroom staff of about 100 to the Daily News’ 300. Perhaps he would see some fat to be trimmed?

And perhaps he is already trimming: Foster Kamer of The Village Voice reports that Convey has fired features editor Orla Healy (who was said to be thoroughly disliked by the staff) and managing editor for politics William Goldschlag, whose ouster prompted a “similar wave of relief.

So the question is: Was this simply the case of a new boss getting rid of two unpopular editors? Or is it the start of a much bigger shakeup?

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