ROUNDUP: Here Are The 3 Big Banker Sex Scandals That Are Breaking Today

Your guess is as good as ours on why this is happening today—but it’s barely noon and we’re seeing an unusual amount of sex-related stories that also involve financial professionals, especially for halfway into one day.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • BuzzFeed dropped a narrative about a married banker who has no guilty conscience about paying girls for sex late yesterday afternoon, but it’s getting way more buzz today as it makes it viral ways around the Internet.
  • The New York Post reported this morning of a “X-rated civil trial” involving accusations of sexual abuse by a woman, Miryam Allam, against her ex-husband—Jason Meyers, the CEO of private equity firm Aspatuck Holdings. Allam claimed her ex-husband would beat her and subject her to kinky sex acts.
  • Juerg Buergin, a former UBS banker that used to be the head of operations in Singapore for the Swiss bank, has appeared in court on charges of soliciting an underaged girl for sex in a high-profile investigation into online prostitution, Reuters has just reported. Prostitution isn’t illegal in Singapore, but sex with underaged individuals is.

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