We're Hiring For The Very Best Entry Level Position In All Of Journalism

michael arringtonWe want the next Michael Arrington

Photo: Flickr/Thomas Hawk

Business Insider wants to hire an entry level reporter (or two) living in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.This job is the job I wish I had been able to apply for when I was trying to get into journalism.

This job basically has two components:

  • Embed yourself in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco tech startup scene. Attend parties, tour offices, and meet with people.
  • Report to our readers everything interesting you learn. Tell your stories in a compelling fashion using whatever materials necessary – text, video, audio, photography, or a mix of everything.

You should apply for this position if you admire Michael Arrington and Kara Swisher.

You should apply for this position if you think you can be better than them, and want to be recognised for it.

You should apply for this position if you love to gossip, find out the scoop, and tell everyone what you know.

You should apply for this position if you think building a startup is the best way to change the world.

If you just got out of Stanford or Berkeley and you want to meet and learn from every venture capitalist on Sand Hill Road, you should apply for this position.

If you want to work for a growing, global media brand that is just big enough to make you a star, but small enough to give you a chance to shine…APPLY FOR THIS JOB.

To do so, email Business Insider West Coast Bureau Chief, Matt Rosoff at [email protected]

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