Wendy's is cutting spicy nuggets from its menu -- and people are furious

Wendy’s is cutting spicy nuggets from its menu at locations across the US and customers are taking to social media to protest the loss of the flavour-packed chicken snacks. 

The nuggets have been pulled from the menu in all but “select cities” around the US, the company told Business Insider. Wendy’s is close-lipped on exactly where customers can still find the spicy nuggets, but Foodbeast and Consumerist have reported that locations in Ohio, Iowa, and New York are all impacted by the change. 

Angry customers are venting on social media about the loss of the spicy nuggets, which became a full-time menu item around 2010. 

Roughly 1,500 people had signed a Change.org petition calling for the return of the spicy chicken nuggets as of Wednesday afternoon, Consumerist reported. 

 At least one Twitter user is even asking that President Donald Trump take action against the menu change. 

 On Twitter, users have been talking about the loss of the nuggets since January. 


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