Why Wendy's Breakfast Menu Flopped While McDonald's Grew

wendys breakfast

Wendy’s announced that it will stop offering breakfast at most locations after a year-long experiment. 

The fast food chain’s effort was a flop because it underestimated the habits of breakfast eaters, reports Maureen Morrison at AdAge

“They just moved too little, too late,” said Elizabeth Friend, an analyst at Euromonitor International, told AdAge. “McDonald’s had already done such a good job claiming that share of breakfast.”

Starbucks expanding its menu also presents a threat, according to Morrisson. 

Wendy’s breakfast menu looked like a mix of Starbucks and McDonald’s. Items included steel-cut oatmeal, artisan breakfast sandwiches, and sausage biscuits. 

After the changes, Wendy’s will only offer breakfast in 300-400 of its 5,800 stores. 

Meanwhile, McDonald’s breakfast keeps growing in popularity. 

CEO Don Thompson recently announced that the fast food chain is considering the idea of offering breakfast all day.  

At least Wendy’s can take solace that McDonald’s failed in an area where it has excelled: the angus burger.

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