Frustrated Wells Fargo customers are saying their direct-deposit paychecks aren't showing up a day after the bank was crippled by an outage

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  • After a nearly daylong outage that prevented Wells Fargo customers from using their debit cards or online banking information, the company said most of its services had been restored on Friday.
  • But customers say they’re increasingly frustrated over the long wait times to speak with representatives. Some reported having estimated wait times of two hours, while many said their direct deposits were not reflected in their accounts.
  • Certain features such as consumer-credit-card and mortgage balances were still unavailable as Wells Fargo recovered from a power shutdown at one of its facilities after smoke was detected.

Wells Fargo customers are still experiencing slow access to their online banking services, long wait times to talk to representatives, and direct deposits not showing up in their accounts a day after smoke was detected at one of Wells Fargo’s facilities – causing a large-scale outage that left some customers unable to use their debit cards or access their online accounts.

The company said on Twitter late Thursday night that the event was not caused by a cybersecurity attack but solely because of the shutdown at its data center in Shoreview, Minnesota.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these systems issues,” the statement said, “and any Wells Fargo fees incurred as a result of these issues will be reversed.”

As of Friday morning, debit-card use and most online services were back to normal, the company said in a news release, with the exception of features such as consumer-credit-card and mortgage balances.

Well Fargo provided the following rundown of which services were and were not working as of Friday morning:

• Wells Fargo ATM services have been restored and are available for customer use. • Mobile and Online Banking systems are operational, with the exception of some features, such as consumer credit card and mortgage balances, that we are in the process of restoring. • Customers can use Wells Fargo credit and debit cards for purchases. • Wells Fargo bank branches are operational. • Our contact center systems are restored, but customers may experience longer than usual delays contacting Wells Fargo’s Phone Bank.

Customers have indeed reported slow access to the Wells Fargo website and wait times as long as two hours to talk to representatives.

“I called the bank and the estimated time to speak with someone was over 2 hours,” Sofia Laasiri, a Wells Fargo customer in San Diego, told Business Insider. “I instead went into a branch and they also had little access to accounts.”

Many customers took to social media to express their frustration.

The number of customers affected is still unknown, and a request for comment by Business Insider was not returned. It is also not known when customers will begin to see their account balances reflected accurately.

Friday is also payday for many workers, and some Wells Fargo customers said on social media that their direct deposits were not reflected in their account balance.

The company replied to some users on Twitter saying: “We are aware of an issue regarding the processing of direct deposit into Wells Fargo accounts and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Some may not yet be able to see payroll deposits in online banking. Customers should operate as they would normally. Thank you for your patience.”

This is the second service outage in a week for the bank, which had to apologise on February 1 for a similar issue.

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