Well, It Turns Out That Whole 'iPad Gets Too Hot' Thing Was A Bunch Of Crap

No sooner had the latest iPad come out than people began complaining that it got too hot.

Customers bitched. Consumer Reports frantically conducted tests. And pundits began worrying about another antenna-gate disaster. From all the huffing and moaning, you would have thought you could fry eggs on the thing.

But it turns out that the “new iPad gets too hot” thing was just a bunch of hot air.

PCWorld did its own tests. Here’s what it found:

  • Yes, the new iPad runs modestly hotter than the old iPad, but only modestly
  • The new iPad doesn’t get any hotter than other tablets, namely Android
  • The new iPad doesn’t get as hot as many laptops, including Macs

So thus, we hope, ends heat-gate.

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ipad 3 lineI kind of want a new iPad. But I’m worried that it will burn me.

Photo: Theodore Ritz | Business Insider

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