Well I'll Be Van Dammed: Chuck Norris Parody Christmas Video Out-Epics Volvo Ad

One of the biggest viral video hits of 2013, the Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo truck “epic split” ad, has received the epic parody to end its many parodies – yes, we’re looking at you Channing Tatum – in a Christmas message.

Hungarian animation company Delov Digital created the CGI spoof in which a Chuck Norris lookalike character performs his own “epic split” – this time between two Lockheed Galaxy military transporters.

To add an extra degree of difficulty, “Norris” has 11 men standing on his shoulders, forming a Christmas tree, as the (thickly European accented) voiceover recites Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The clip mimics the Volvo ad, beginning with a closeup before pulling away to reveal the “stunt”, set to Enya’s music.

Neither the animation company, nor Norris have commented publicly on the video, which in just two days, has already attracted 5 million views. The Van Damme video has nearly 62 million since it first appeared on 13 November.

Norris is the action man Jean-Claude Van Damme hoped he’d one day grow up to be. Well, we don’t actually know that for sure, but for more than the 40 years, the 73-year-old star of countless martial arts films and Walker, Texas Ranger, has been the He-man’s He-man. He was a meme before the word was invented.

Now it’s game on. Your move, Jean-Claude. Give Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic a call once he’s got two spaceships working. Or try Lucasfilm.

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